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Sealed With A Kiss by Dahlia Rose
(Release Date: December 6, 2014)

Dreama Bell was just like her name, she believed in her dreams and lived her life vicariously. Her family shook their head at her series of adventures and in their close-knit fold she was called a gypsy. The family vacationed in Vermont every Christmas holiday so when she planned to spend it in Bermuda on a beach no one was surprised. Little did she know that a walk on the beach would change her life forever. When someone grabbed her in the dark intending to assault her, Dreama fights for her life. When a pair of big burly hands dragged her attacker away, she sees the handsome face of her protector. Sergeant Thomas Holden was a Navy Seal on leave and taking his own vacation. Passion bloomed and Dreama followed her instinct and her heart straight into his arms. Would a whirlwind holiday romance lead to her happily ever after? Or would her hero in a uniform leave her dreams shattered in paradise?

Electra's Multicolored Christmas by Imari Jade
(Release Date: December 13, 2014)

International hip-hop artist Ava ďElectraĒ Jones travels to Tokyo, Japan to perform at the birthday party of the emperor and to spend Christmas with her lover Hiroki Nijo who sheís been dating for the last fourteen years. Instead of getting the beautiful white Christmas the southern belle always dreamed of, Ava discovers that Hiroki hasnít told his family about their relationship and he has no intentions of doing so.

Though Hiroki loves Ava he doesnít want to subject her to his mother and aunt, the empress who tries to run his life and his eighteen-year-old cousin Koyoshiís life. To make matters worse, Koyoshi has taken a fancy to Ava and plans to make a move on her at his fatherís party. Can Kioshi keep Ava away from the future emperor of Japan without blowing his secret or his cool?

Under the Surface by Stacy-Deanne
(Release Date: December 20, 2014)

Romance writer Riley Voorhees is looking forward to spending Christmas with her married, rich lover, Sean, in their lavish San Diego love nest. While waiting for Sean to get back from a business trip a week before Christmas, an enigmatic stranger shows up, and heís about to shake up Rileyís world in more ways than she could imagine.

Malcolm Valentine has spent five years in prison, and he canít wait to get revenge on the man who put him there. When he shows up at Riley and Seanís love nest, heís in a worst mood than usual because itís Christmas, and Malcolm hates Christmas. After finagling his way into the house, he takes feisty Riley hostage and works on putting his plan of revenge into action.

During their encounter, various secrets are unleashed, and Riley and Malcolm realize they have more in common than they thought. Soon they are tempted by an unusual romance that neither can believe has occurred. Riley might have finally found true love, and Malcolm discovers a reason to love Christmas.

Satan's Breath by Temple Madison
(Release Date: January 10, 2015)

WSCX Radio Station in Savannah, Georgia isn't prepared for the new late night deejay, Blaze Alexander. She is way over the top for such a deeply religious city in the deep south, yet at the same time, they can't seem to get enough of her. So, every night from midnight to dawn, the sultry heat of the new Steam Queen envelopes the city as she breathes her naughty suggestions into their ears. As they sit and listen to her deep, throaty voice purring and moaning her hypnotic words of passion, the unsuspecting city becomes completely drugged by the magic spell she weaves around them.

But while Blaze is making cold beds hot, and bringing lovers closer together, her arms remain empty because of her memories of a dark night when Satanís Breath blew hot and strong. Can she exorcise the demon that took hold of her on a long ago night that keeps her away from the only man she will ever love, or will Satanís Breath rise again and finish what it started so long ago?

The Alpha's Baby by M. E. James
(Release Date: January 17, 2015)

Emmy Ellison is a good, wholesome woman. Sebastian Black is an ultra-sexy hero who saves her life. Due to the effects of alcohol, she ends up between the sheets with Mr. Handsome. The next morning she sneaks off, certain that the gorgeous Adonis only wants a one-night stand. Unfortunately, while she can flee from her hunky savior, she discovers something she can't run from-óa baby. But when she goes to tell Sebastian that she's pregnant, she's shocked that he wants to marry her and help her raise the baby. At first, she's overjoyed, but she soon realizes that the father of her child has secrets. He's a werewolf and the leader of a massive pack. The truth drives Emmy away from Sebastian's loving arms. Can she eventually accept that she's carrying the Alpha's baby, or will she let Sebastian's true identity destroy her life-óand her child's as well?

My Best Friend's Sister by Tiffany Parker
(Release Date: January 24, 2015)

Is Forbidden Fruit always the best?

The exceptionally beautiful Alexandra Carter wants the philandering Kimble Brown ever since she was old enough to really take notice of her brother's best friend. There are unfortunately two major hurdles standing in her way, her brothers and Kimble. Not only is Kimble a notorious ladies man, he has been friends with her brothers for years. Because her brothers know so much about Kimble there is just no way they are going to approve of him dating their only sister.

Kimble Brown, a self-admitted player, is more attracted to Alexandra than he wants to admit. He feels in his heart that she is the one woman he would gladly turn in his player's card for, but what if he's wrong? What if once he's had her, she becomes just another conquest to him? Because of his undeniable attraction to her, he has to decide what is more important. The friendship he has with her brothers or the undeniable feeling he has for Alexandra? If he gives in to his feeling and seduces the lovely lady, his friendship might not survive. Unable to contain their feelings for each other Alexandra and Kimble are about to face the consequences of giving in to temptation.

A Dragon's Hope by Dahlia Rose
(Release Date: February 7, 2015)

Bior had two things he held dear, Paladin and his honor. Then the Shen took Kiara, and he understood fear and caring for the first time in his life. While his good looks and charm could woo the women of Paladin, Kiara wasnít impressed. The ebony pixie could give a damn about his ego and told it exactly like it was. If the Shen had hurt her, Bior didnít know how heíd react except that every serpent would be dead, and Mike who put her in danger should go into hiding. When he found her slightly battered but generally unharmed, he breathed a sigh of relief. Rescuing Kiara was one thing. Courting her was another story. The feisty woman didnít fall for his usual spiel and seemed unimpressed with his advances. But when they kissed or their bodies touched, the heat and sparks of passion flew. How was he to fight a growing war and figure out his feelings and the whims of a human woman? It was all or nothing with her, and Bior found that his hope for love and to be the only one to taste her kisses was entirely out of his control and directly in her hands.

Two Kinds of Trouble by M. E. James
(Release Date: February 14, 2015)

Ever since Ebony Greyson was abandoned by the father of her child, she's devoted her life to one thing-óraising her daughter, Helen. She doesn't have time for romance, and even if she did, she doesn't have interest in finding a man anyway. After all, she's been burned once. Allowing herself to love again would be sheer stupidity.

But that's when she's kicked out of her apartment by her vicious landlord. Luckily, she manages to find another place to stay with a kind old man named Doug. Then she meets the man's grandson, Luke. Luke is sexy, smart, and charming, and he makes no secret of the fact that he's attracted to her. Still, even though Luke wants her bad, she thinks he's just another playboy out to love her and leave her. Can Luke prove to Ebony that his love is for real?

Soul Mates by Marie Rochelle
(Release Date: February 21, 2015)

ďWhy does he keep attracting females that arenít worth his time?Ē

Attorney Spencer Carlton has grown tired of dating beautiful women who donít have much to offer him beyond a pretty face. Now, he is ready for his equal, a woman he can consider his soul mate, but he hasnít found her yet. Just as he is about to give up hope, he notices the stunning Nicey Johnson. All the negative thoughts leave his mind as he figures out how to ask the mocha beauty out on a date.

What could a man bring her that she doesnít already have?

Nicey Johnsonís life is better than she could have ever imagined for herself. She owns a successful matchmaking business. She is quite content with her future, which is why she blows off her friendís daily advice to find herself a man.

At least Nicey thinks she is satisfied until the very handsome Spencer Carlton stops her inside a deserted parking lot and she begins to wonder if her friends are right. Maybe she does need a man in her life, especially this one.

Young and Restless by Imari Jade
(Release Date: March 7, 2015)

Cristal Gentry expected to have the time of her life in Spain, but she is suddenly stricken by a sickness that may jeopardize her life and her future with her younger boyfriend Kioshi Yamashita. Kioshi and his two friends, Izanagi Kato and Hiroyuki Ikeda are sitting on top of the world as the new J-Pop princes, but will Cristalís condition force Kioshi to leave the group to be at his sick princessís side?

Publishing mogul Harper Kehoe has his hands full trying to keep his two sons Damien and Kevin from killing each other over Tricia Morrison, Damienís fianceť. For the last two years Damien has been learning the ropes in his new job as a publicist and finishing his masterís degree so he can marry the woman of his dreams, while Tricia has been stuck in New York trying to graduate from college and spending most of her free time with Kevin. Damien and Tricia have promised to remain celibate until they marry, but once Kevin and Tricia join their families in Osaka, Tricia soon discovers that sheís not the only woman in Damienís life. Niigataís new business manager Barbara Peters has her sights on Damien and will go to extremes to get what she wants no matter who she has to walk on. Will Damien and Tricia make it to the altar or will someone block their path?

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