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The Director's Daughter by LeTeisha Newton
(Release Date: August 2, 2014)

Lynn Williams thought her job as her father’s assistant on location in Mexico was going to be a breeze-—until she ends up in a Mexican jail.

Scared and angered that she’s there because of her father’s self-centered leading man, she looks for help in the one gentle face that she sees. Antonio Villarreal, FBI agent, has a price though. Marry him for ten days and he’ll make all her problems disappear. Now married to assist this wounded FBI agent into falling under the radar of his latest enemy, things aren’t as easy as Lynn first imagined. Because playing the devoted wife is starting to blend into the hottest attraction she’s ever felt.

What does she do when acting becomes real, and she’s not ready to hear cut?

In Her Skin by Stacy-Deanne
(Release Date: August 9, 2014)

Charismatic Homicide Detective Blair Sexton meets his match in Reese McQueen, a beautiful, black veterinarian’s assistant who shares the same sexual fetish as he does: voyeurism. Reese’s favorite pastime puts her face-to-face with danger when she witnesses her neighbor Sybil being killed during sex.

From the first time they meet, sparks fly between Sexton and Reese, spawning a sexual curiosity neither can control. The more Sexton tries to keep his mind on the case, the more he’s drawn to Reese who has no problem letting him in on her fantasies, but keeps her distance when it comes to her heart.

Sexton is torn between his desire to get closer to Reese and his duty to solve Sybil’s murder. After finding the killer, Sexton realizes that Sybil’s death is just the beginning and could lead to something bigger than he ever imagined.

A Dragon's Hope by Dahlia Rose
(Release Date: August 16, 2014)

Blurb coming soon.

Ensnared by Charisma Knight
(Release Date: September 6, 2014)

Naturally feisty Charlie Marine plans for an extended vacation on Mars in spite of all the abductions in her area. When she misses her shuttle, a strange Xuldarian man claiming to be a pilot approaches her. Against her better judgment and eager to start her vacation, she takes him up on his offer and discovers she’s been abducted and to be delivered to a Vaakulsian Commander--Rhyker Aluhira.

Rhyker knew from the first time he laid eyes on the tall, dark, and beautiful Earth goddess that he was in for the long haul--only, he didn’t know just how much of a fight she’d put up to preserve her identity. Unlike submissive Xuldarian and Vaakulsian women, Charlie is brave and defiant. Rhyker fears her outspoken ways will soon place her in danger. Can Rhyker and Charlie meet each other half way or will they continue to butt heads in a world where women are expected to be subservient?

Empty by Stacy-Deanne
(Release Date: September 13, 2014)

Empty is an endearing love story about soul mates who didn’t realize how lost they were until they found each other.

Forty-five year-old Sacramento Social Psychology Professor Bella Terry has developed a feverish attraction for her twenty-four year-old student, Cameron Moore. Despite their differences, Cameron finds the elusive Bella irresistible and stops at nothing to get closer to her.

Their interest for each other turns into a fascinating bond neither expected. They share their deepest secrets, and Cameron realizes there is more to Bella than he ever imagined. Bella has not had an easy life, and because of this, she’s built a wall around her heart. Bella pushes Cameron away, but Cameron refuses to give up on love.

After a traumatic experience, Bella realizes she loves Cameron and can’t afford to walk away.

Diva by Imari Jade
(Release Date: September 20, 2014)

Native New Orleanian Lena Monroe is given the chance of a lifetime when she meets music promoter Edward (Eddie) Anderson when he discovers her singing and cleaning his hotel room. She is literally swept off her feet by the handsome and dashing white man with the sexy green eyes, and she naively follows him to Los Angeles. Once she gets everything she wants, Lena discovers that fame comes with a price. Is she willing to let a man walk all over her just to be a superstar?

Eddie Anderson took one look at the domestic goddess cleaning his room and thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Not only did she have a beautiful face, but she had a rocking body to go with it. When he heard her sing, he felt like the clouds had opened up and unleashed an angel. But could he be satisfied with just one woman when he was used to having females throw themselves at his feet?

Sealed With A Kiss by Dahlia Rose
(Release Date: December 6, 2014)

Blurb coming soon.

Electra's Multicolored Christmas by Imari Jade
(Release Date: December 13, 2014)

International hip-hop artist Ava “Electra” Jones travels to Tokyo, Japan to perform at the birthday party of the emperor and to spend Christmas with her lover Hiroki Nijo who she’s been dating for the last fourteen years. Instead of getting the beautiful white Christmas the southern belle always dreamed of, Ava discovers that Hiroki hasn’t told his family about their relationship and he has no intentions of doing so.

Though Hiroki loves Ava he doesn’t want to subject her to his mother and aunt, the empress who tries to run his life and his eighteen-year-old cousin Koyoshi’s life. To make matters worse, Koyoshi has taken a fancy to Ava and plans to make a move on her at his father’s party. Can Kioshi keep Ava away from the future emperor of Japan without blowing his secret or his cool?

Satan's Breath by Temple Madison
(Release Date: TBD)

Blurb coming soon.

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