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Enigma Unleashed by K. C. Allison
(Release Date: June 20, 2015)

Lion shifter Simeon has spent his entire life being tortured by the malicious Albert, owner of the famous World International Circus. Not only is he tormented by the twisted old man, he's forced to perform every night in front of a crowd that has no idea that behind the face of a lion lies the mind of a man. His years of suffering come to an end when a person named Dean Wilson is hired on at the circus. Unlike Albert, Dean has a kind heart, and upon learning Simeon's true identity, he releases him from his prison after thirty-three years of confinement.

Unfortunately, Albert isn't ready to let Simeon go. Soon the man and an army of shifter haters are after Simeon and Dean. Now Simeon must not only face the man who's made his life a living hell, but he also must protect his liberator who he's grown to love.

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