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Serena by Tiffany Parker
(Release Date: April 11, 2015)

Everything about twenty year old Serena James made Elray Carter male model extraordinaire want to get to know her better. She's smart, sexy, beautiful and one hell of a street motorcycle racer.

One look at her and he was hooked. It didn't matter that she was from the wrong side of the tracks. No, Serena wasn’t like the models and high maintenance women he usually dated. She cared more about cars and motorcycles than clothes and make up. His money didn’t impress her and she didn’t have an agenda to rope him into marriage. What a woman and he is determined to have her.

Serena isn’t interested in any man, much less an outrageously handsome, rich, arrogant one used to getting everything he wanted. What she wanted was to escape the circumstances of her existence, poverty. Motorcycles were her life. Even more important they provided the means for her to succeed and achieve her goals. Her chance meeting with Elray Carter threatened her resolve because he touched her in a way she never thought possible. Will Elray prove to be her knight riding in on a Suzuki GSXR 1000, or will he be just another obstacle for her to overcome?

A Dragon's Hope by Dahlia Rose
(Release Date: April 18, 2015)

Bior had two things he held dear, Paladin and his honor. Then the Shen took Kiara, and he understood fear and caring for the first time in his life. While his good looks and charm could woo the women of Paladin, Kiara wasn’t impressed. The ebony pixie could give a damn about his ego and told it exactly like it was. If the Shen had hurt her, Bior didn’t know how he’d react except that every serpent would be dead, and Mike who put her in danger should go into hiding. When he found her slightly battered but generally unharmed, he breathed a sigh of relief. Rescuing Kiara was one thing. Courting her was another story. The feisty woman didn’t fall for his usual spiel and seemed unimpressed with his advances. But when they kissed or their bodies touched, the heat and sparks of passion flew. How was he to fight a growing war and figure out his feelings and the whims of a human woman? It was all or nothing with her, and Bior found that his hope for love and to be the only one to taste her kisses was entirely out of his control and directly in her hands.

Enigma Unleashed by K. C. Allison
(Release Date: May 9, 2015)

Lion shifter Simeon has spent his entire life being tortured by the malicious Albert, owner of the famous World International Circus. Not only is he tormented by the twisted old man, he's forced to perform every night in front of a crowd that has no idea that behind the face of a lion lies the mind of a man. His years of suffering come to an end when a person named Dean Wilson is hired on at the circus. Unlike Albert, Dean has a kind heart, and upon learning Simeon's true identity, he releases him from his prison after thirty-three years of confinement.

Unfortunately, Albert isn't ready to let Simeon go. Soon the man and an army of shifter haters are after Simeon and Dean. Now Simeon must not only face the man who's made his life a living hell, but he also must protect his liberator who he's grown to love.

The Last Tour by Charisma Knight
(Release Date: May 16, 2015)

Watching his entire unit get cut down in Afghanistan has left Sgt. Sebastian McElvoy questioning his sanity and whether or not he deserved to survive. Coming home to the wife he loves, the joy and peace that Rayna gives him fills him with guilt. The urge to control takes over in the bedroom, and he wonders if this is a healthy outlet for his feelings.

Sebastian isn't alone in wondering if the changes in him will allow them to resume their life together. Rayna looks at her husband and sees a man who is a ghost of his former self with an appetite for things they’ve never tried before in the bedroom. However, she can’t help but think this is the therapy he needs, allowing him dominance in the bedroom. She’ll do whatever she can to save him from his feelings and open her mind to her husband’s heightened libido.

The Heiress and the Cowboy by Dahlia Rose
(Release Date: June 13, 2015)

Kerri Sloan was always on the news, lights and cameras in her face, and she was known as the diamond heiress. Not because of the wealth she’d amassed but because she was cold as the jewels she wore. Now she was on his ranch waving a blank check thinking he’d sell out his dream. Alex Mendoza had two words for the gorgeous woman, and they weren’t, I’ll sell. But she wasn’t giving up, and after one heated discussion at a town hall meeting, he shut her up with a kiss. Alex instantly regretted the kiss because all he could do was think about bedding her each time he saw her. It scared the hell out of him that he might be falling in love.

Kerri took one look at Alex and assessed him as a typical Texas cowboy, which was unfair because she was presumed to be something she wasn’t. She made her wealth, and men hated her for it. So why would he be any different? Then Alex had to kiss her and complicate everything. How could she dislike a man who made her body tremble with just one touch? They had nothing in common and were as combustible as crude oil and an open flame. She could deny it all she wanted, but Kerri craved the heat they created. She knew everything about the boardroom, stocks, and building her empire, and nothing about losing her heart.

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