Excerpt for Reluctant Mate 2

Excerpt for Reluctant Mate 2

Cameron opened his eyes and groaned. His muscles had been sore earlier. Now they were on fire. His skin ached. The bed he laid on hurt him, even though it was nice and the sheets were quality-made. Wait, bed? Where am I?

He pushed up to his elbow to have a look around, but right away strong hands descended to his shoulders to push him down. “Hold on. You’re not ready to get up just yet.”

To his annoyance, Cameron cried out in pain at the touch. The man leaning over him withdrew his hands.

“Sorry about that, love. You okay?”

Cameron frowned at the use of the endearment, but the dialect let him know the man was native to New Orleans. He’d found his way here, he guessed. “I’m fine,” he muttered. “Where am I?”

“In the Cain household,” the man said with a smile of pride. Silver eyes twinkled at him, reminding him of the wolf he’d seen. Or was that a dream? The man was big, really big. His shoulder span went beyond any that Cameron had ever seen on a man, and his dark hair lay in semi-disordered ringlets about his head. From the way he held himself, confident yet kind, he appeared to be one hundred percent male and probably not gay. A shame, he mused, feeling his attraction rise. Okay get a grip on your hormones, Cameron. You have one job here, and that’s it. Find the shifters.

Whatever symptoms of becoming a shifter he’d experienced before such as enhanced sight and smell were long gone for the moment. He just felt like a very sick man with no clue to what was going on around him. For some reason even though he’d had no lengthy use of the extra senses, without them it was as if he were naked and blind.

The man put a cloth in a bowl of water and wrung it out before placing it on Cameron’s forehead. He opened another wad of material to reveal some herbs and took up a pinch. “Chew on this.”

Cameron frowned. “Hell no. What is that, some kind of voodoo stuff?”

The insult was clear in the man’s eyes. “No, it’s just herbs. It will make you feel better and take care of some of the pain. If you don’t want it, I have no problem letting you suffer. You’re not from around here even if you are a wolf.”

Cameron froze, and his eyes widened. Shifter. This man, whoever he was, thought Cameron was a shifter. So the drug worked, but that meant his dream was real. The man he’d seen change from wolf form to human was this guy. Fear tightened his stomach, and the man’s nostrils flared. Too late, Cameron remembered that animals could smell fear.

He leaned down over Cameron and breathed in deep. From his neck to his chest, just touching Cameron’s bare skin, he moved down toward his pants. Hovering somewhere between his stomach and his crotch, the man stopped exploring, and Cameron willed his cock not to harden any more. He’d already insulted the guy and didn’t know if being turned-on would cause him to attack.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the man said after some time. Amusement in his eyes when he met Cameron’s gaze pissed him off.

“Like you could,” Cameron spat.

The man chuckled. “Anyway, I smell a man on you. A human if I had to guess. I don’t smell any women.” His silver eyes flashed. “Are you gay, cher?”

Cameron swore. “Isn’t it more polite to introduce yourself first before asking a person their sexual orientation?”

Another chuckle made Cameron grit his teeth.

“Mato Cain,” he announced with a slight nod. “As I said, this is the Cain residence.”

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