Sugar and Spice Press (SSP) is a royalty paying publisher looking for book submissions to stimulate the mind, body and soul. We are looking for books from Mainstream Romance and Erotica, to Paranormal Romance and Dark Horror Romance. Please read our book lines and see where your manuscript will fit in our line up! Interracial and Multicultural manuscripts are welcome! Shorter works will not be in print. Print books begin from 45K+. Royalties on e-book sales are 35% of the cover price on publisher website, 20% of the cover price on third party sites, 17.5% of the cover price on Fictionwise, and royalties on print books sales are 8.5% of the cover price. No simultaneous submissions are accepted.

SSP is NOT accepting new authors who are not published with an established publishing house.

(EDITING TIP: Before you submit, please be sure that your manuscript includes only one POV [point of view] per chapter break or scene break. We do not allow head-hopping. Please also remember to add a page break between chapters [Insert, Break, Page Break, OK or the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl Enter].)

No works under 15K will be considered.

Please submit your work as one full manuscript not individual chapters. In the subject heading include "Submission + Title of your book" . Please also include the genre and heat level of your book.

In the body of the email, let us know if your book should be considered for Adult or Young Adult, what genre it is (for example: contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, etc.), and what heat level (sensual, spicy, or erotica) it should be considered for, so we can choose the most suitable book lines.

For Young Adults from the age of 16 and upward. Fictional works only. Think fantasy, soft high school romance, magical realms, and even teenage vampires! Urban, contemporary and paranormal, all genres are accepted. Sugar and Spice is looking for books that will make teenagers go to the bookstore and pick up a copy of your book! Word lengths from 15K+ for e-book and 45+ for print option. All works should be submitted in a word document, no PDFs. Please make sure your submission is well-written with a plot. Check for grammatical errors before submitting.

Please note that the teen line we will be accepting books with some soft sexual content, and keep that explicit language to a minimum.

Sensual Romance
Books for this line should be exactly like the name, sensual. Sensual romance where happily-ever-afters leave the readers with a sentimental feeling. Work should be well-written and free of grammatical errors. Love scenes can range from mild to spicy with obvious sexual tension. Think warm and sensual when you submit to this line. Explicit language is not necessary in this line. Please make sure to go over your work carefully for errors before submitting. Word count ranges from 15K- 90K.

Sexy, hot and passionate is the theme for this line. Romance with an edge. Characters must be well thought out. There is no limit to genre for this line, from contemporary and erotic, to paranormal and horror. This line is for more racy types of manuscripts and if at the end your hero and heroine decide to just live together, thatís okay. It does not have to be a happy ending. Manuscripts should be well-written with no plot holes and be edited by the author for grammatical errors. Word count 15K- 90K.

Interracial Romance
The combination of salt and pepper always makes for an explosive flavor. That is what we are offering you with our Interracial/Multicultural line. What can happen when two characters from different backgrounds collide? A fiery taste to savor and to wrap your dreams around. Come and reach beyond the boundaries with us! With this line we are looking for erotic elements to your work. Well thought out plot and a hero and heroine who jump off the pages. Manuscripts can vary in length from 15K-90K. With longer works, please make sure you make it as clean as possible before submitting.

Please send all submissions to:
Please allow 2-4 weeks for in-house authors and 4-6 weeks for a response for new prospective authors. Holiday themed works should be submitted 8 weeks or more before the holiday.


Interracial Romance (Spicy to Erotica) These can be in any genre, from contemporary to paranormal to fantasy. Let your dreams take you where they may.
Steam-up-the-window Hot Erotica in all genres except young adult.


No rape presented in a positive light or for titillation, no incest in any form, no pedophilia, no necrophelia, and no bodily functions.


Microsoft Word doc or RTF. Chapter headings in words (ex. Chapter One, Chapter Two...). Page breaks between chapters (Insert, Break, OK; or Ctrl Enter). Indent each paragraph to .25. Do not use spaces or the tab key to create indentions. Single space manuscript.

Thank you for considering Sugar and Spice Press.

Blessed Be,
Kelly Ann Pearson

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