Edge of Darkness


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Genre: Vampire/Werewolf Menage Erotic Romance
Book Length: 20,484 words


Brothers Matthew and Curry couldn’t trust a shifter since the bloody wars between vampires and werewolves. They had one rule in their nightclub and that was no shifters were allowed. Ever. But when a slightly muddy stray white wolf runs in and shifts into a jaw-dropping sexy nude blonde, they bend the rules.

Sasha Wylde pissed off someone high up on the food chain, and her pack is hunting her down to kill her. She has no one left to trust in her family. Her one hope is in the arms of a vampire master, Mathew and his brother Curry. Only neither man is willing to do this favor for free.

The brothers are willing to protect her for a price.

She has to agree to giving three days of her life as a slave to two of the sexiest bad boy vampires she has ever laid eyes on, but by sharing her body, she fails to protect her heart. They become her mates by the end of the three days, but when she is kidnapped, they know her life is in jeopardy. Can they can save her before time runs out?

Please Note: There is no touching or titillation between brothers, but there is sharing of a woman.
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