Beach Bound


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Genre: Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance
Book Length: 17,991 words


Ryan wasn’t on a vacation. He may be recovering from an abusive relationship he was stuck in the last six months, but he was a scientist first and foremost. He had to prove to the entire scientific community that the Crested Hairy Necked Dodo bird not only existed but thrived away from predators and humans on the outlying uninhabited islands of Hawaii.

He just needed a boat to prove it.

Hokuikekai is a seaman, but with a bad fishing season he’s looking for extra work to make ends meet. What he doesn’t know is this daytrip is going to turn into several weeks on a deserted island filled with exotic plants and animals from a prehistoric era. Plants that seem to raise the sexual arousal, and with the only two men in sight, sex was the only thing on their minds.
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