His Heart


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Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Book Length: 54,390


Octavia "Tae" Stokes thinks the most important thing in her life is to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse, even if it means leaving her small town boyfriend behind while she goes off to college and tries to forget about him. But fate deals her a hand she could not have planned for. She finds her dream shattered when an accident leaves her scarred for life and hiding from the world, especially from the man whose heart she broke.

After proposing to the woman who will always hold his heart and being turned down, Bryant sees no other option but to join the army. Who could have predicted that in a few years a war in Iraq would have him stationed half way around the world fighting for his and his buddies' lives? When he finally comes home after a near fatal injury and the loss of his best friend, it is not Tae but Leena who is waiting for him. But Leena is not all she pretends to be, and a soldier needs someone to hold onto, someone to love.

Can Tae forgive herself for her past mistakes and move past her outward appearance to help heal a soldier's heart?

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